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How to Hire an Honest Contractor

By an eHow Contributor

When you have a construction project before you that is too detailed for your time or skills, hire someone else to do it. This option sounds much easier than it is. The hype around the world of construction cautions you to be wary of contractors. So how can you be sure to get an honest contractor when you go to hire one? Follow these steps.

Know What to Expect of a Contractor
  1. Check with friends and neighbors who have hired someone to do work for them. If you can't think of anyone having work done, check anyway-they may have relatives or other friends nearby who can direct you to the right contractor. As another option, drive around to see who is doing similar work in town. Talk with the owners of these projects and hire their contractor if they were satisfied.
  2. Discuss the work done if you have found someone who recently had a project finished. Ask if you feel the contractor was honest and if you can look over the work. Survey the finished product. See if it looks like the contractor did a good job. Check out their workmanship for signs of quality (or the opposite).
  3. Ask the client if they were satisfied with the work performed. See if they feel the contractor was competent, kept on task and charged appropriately. If they did the same type of work you need done, find out about licenses that were required. Otherwise, check with the county to see who is responsible for getting the license to do the work.
  4. Get the contractor's telephone number. Call him and ask specific questions pertaining to your project. You may not feel comfortable taking on the job yourself, but you have some knowledge already about the expected outcome. As you query the contractor, you will be able to see if he is honest and able to answer the questions competently before you hire him.
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