SRI Construction
SRI Construction
SRI Construction is a division of Solid Rock Inspections LLC.; a full service licensed and insured commercial and residential building inspection company, and is a locally owned and operated full service construction company utilizing over 20 years of experience.

Whether you are looking to have your bathroom or kitchen remodeled, you would like to have an addition put on your home or if you have experienced a flood of any sorts and are looking to be put at ease while we clean up the water damage and put your house back together, we can meet all of your needs and expectations.

Our attention to detail and customer service is surpassed by none as we exercise integrity from the beginning to the end of every project. We are dedicated to bringing you the highest quality craftsmanship as we use the best materials along with proven methods of practice. Let us give you peace of mind as we walk the journey of personalizing your home together. We try to create an atmosphere of comfort and excitement as we move through the stages of each and every project.

We are here to answer any question you might have as well as listen to your concerns. We don’t want you to feel that we are just working on a client’s home but rather a family members home.

We pride ourselves in being professional, courteous, and punctual as we bring your dreams to reality. So when our phone rings and your friend or family member is on the other end of the telephone excited about the work that we completed at your home and begin describing a dream that they have to bring to reality in their own home we know that we did our job. We look forward to hearing from you and helping to make your dreams come true.

Remodeling in Detroit

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